1)      Do all of my players need to be present for registration?

No – as long as every player on your team has signed a participants release form prior to the end of registration Friday evening.


2)      Do I have to have six players on my team?

No – you must have at least four players, but it is highly recommended that you do have six, remember that you are playing three games on Saturday.


3)      For the 40+ Division and 50+ Division can a team member be turning 40 / 50 in 2018 or do they have to be 40 / 50 at the time of the tournament?

Every member on a 40+ / 50+ team must be 40 / 50 at the time of the tournament.


4)      Can I register a team without a finalized roster?

Yes you can.  You can add, delete and change players until 10:00pm on the Friday prior to the tournament. We are capping the Championships at 104 teams so you are encouraged to register your team as soon as possible (after registration opens) to ensure a spot in the VT Pond Hockey Championships.


5)      What happens if I have to pull out of the Championships after I have registered and paid a deposit?

If you are not able to play and let us know prior to the schedule being released we can either apply your deposit / payment to the following year or we will refund it.  If  the schedule has been set you will forfeit the deposit / payment.  The schedule is typically available the Monday prior to the Championships.


6)      Where do I stay if coming from out of town for the Championships?

The Lake Morey Resort hosts the VT Pond Hockey Championships.  The resort has 130 guest rooms, lakeside dining, bar, movie theater and fitness center.  The resort is located on the shores of Lake Morey right next to the hockey rinks.  Overnight room reservations can be made starting at 9:00am on September 26, 2016.  There is the  Silver Maple Lodge located one-mile from the venue, Breakfast on the Connecticut located four miles from the venue and numerous chain hotels can be found 20 miles away in White River Jct, VT.


7)      If I have multiple teams entered in the same division can I request that we play in different conferences?

We will do everything possible to honor special requests and usually are able to – however sometimes we are unable to so we can’t make any promises.


8)      What do most players use for protective gear?

Helmets are mandatory, but the rest is optional.  Most use hockey gloves, as minor poke checking is common, as well as shin guards, to protect against pucks that are lifted boot-high off the ice.


9)      When will our games be scheduled on Saturday?

We make every effort to stagger team schedules so teams don’t have back-to-back games, or have long breaks between games.  There are eleven game slots throughout the day and are scheduled to start every 45 minutes.  As a general rule, plan on having a game approximately every 3 games slots (2 ¼ hours).  The first games start at 8:30 AM and the last will be at 4 PM on Saturday.  Sunday’s games begin at 8:30 AM with the Open A Golden Sap Bucket game starting early afternoon with the awards ceremony to follow.


10)     What should we expect for ice?

Although we make every effort to make sure the ice is smooth and free of snow etc., Mother Nature can be very unpredictable.  We have an arsenal of equipment for doing so, but can only attend to so many rinks between games, so your team may need to do a bit of scraping before a game.  Remember that it is pond hockey and cracks and/or rough spots will develop as the day goes on.


11)    Is there time to warm up before or between games?

We do make more rinks then we need, so there will be unused rinks to practice on between games.  Although there is about 10 minutes between the time when one game ends and the next begins, but you may need that time to scrape the ice etc., so it’s very much advisable to give yourselves plenty of time to get laced up, and to do a little warming up before the end of the previous game slot.   

If you were unable to find your answer on the website or within the FAQ’s, please contact Christine Cecchetti at Christine@LakeMoreyResort.com